About Widmer

The History of Widmer Time Recorder

In 1933, Jack and Helen Widmer established Widmer Time Recorder in a small 8′ X 24′ facility in New York City. The company had its beginnings in the repair of time stamps used by brokerage houses to time stock transactions, and banks for validating deposit tickets. Since then, we have expanded into manufacturing and increased world-wide distribution capabilities to include a broad range of products and services. Widmer Time Recorder is a family business, and is proud to say we are now in our fourth generation. Overall, our Widmer Team has shown extreme amounts of loyalty, dedication and hard work for the company and to our customers, as well. From Widmer’s beginnings, starting in the midst of the Great Depression , through wars, economic ups and downs, and market crashes, we have remained a tough, steadfast American company that has been tested through the best and the worst. The more than trying times that we have been through as a company has only made us stronger and helped build a solid foundation for success.

“Its Not Just About Us.”

Widmer Time Recorders focus is not only on the company and the products we sell, but also on something much more grand. Widmer is committed to bettering the community, the environment and the lives of others. We realize that each decision we make and everything we do as a company has the potential to impact everyone on a greater scale. Widmer uses non-cadmium plating on all of our parts that need a rust inhibiter. At our manufacturing facility in Hackensack NJ, Widmer pays a separate fee in order to rent dumpsters as well as take care of our own waste in order to be able to recycle responsibly and efficiently. Any parts or machines that get returned back to Widmer get unassembled, then we hand sort all scrap parts according to the specific materials they are made of in order to recycle them appropriately.

“Practice may not make perfect, but over 8 decades of it will get you pretty close.”

Widmer Time Recorder makes it a point to build our machines with the utmost quality and to serve our customers with the highest level of professionalism. One of the many aspects we pride ourselves on is our ability to customize products to our customers needs. If you need a product specifically tailored in a certain way, ask! We will be more than happy to accommodate you to get exactly what you are looking for. We make it our goal and strive to meet all of our customers needs, and then some, on a daily basis. Widmer has been in business since 1933 and that alone speaks volumes. The average amount of time most of our employees have been with us is an astonishing 16 years, but many of our team members have been here over 25, 35, and some almost 50 years. There is an added level of security, comfort, and confidence when dealing with a company who’s employees have an outstanding level of experience as well as decades of customer loyalty.

More About Widmer Time Recorder.

Widmer machines are proudly made and assembled in the United States of America. All machines come with a one year warranty. Our manufacturing team manually tests and thoroughly inspects each machine before we ship them out to our customers. Widmer makes sure all of our machines and products perform at the highest quality for our customers’ ultimate satisfaction. Widmer Time Recorder is a globally known business, servicing many countries, and having thousands of companies utilize our products world wide. Please visit us at www.widmertime.com, email us at [email protected], or call us toll-free at 800-424-4459 for more information.