Do you take credit cards?

We accept these major credit cards: Visa, Master Card, Discover, and American Express

Is my financial and contact information secure?

Yes. We do not store any of your financial information, nor do we share your contact information with anyone.

I’m not located in the NY or NJ area, is there a local dealer who can assist me?

Yes, in most cities. Please contact us with your city, state, contact information and type of product you are interested in and we will have a dealer contact you. If there is no dealer close to you, then a company representative will contact you.

Is there a minimum for order?

Minimum orders are $30.00

How do I order a key for my machine?

We need the Make, Model, Serial Number of the unit, and number of the lock.

How do I order accessories, like time cards and ribbons?

Please contact us with Make Model and Serial Number of the unit and a description of what you need.

How do I order a catalog?

We are currently in the process of creating a new catalog. We will post it in the Brochures section of the website and email a notice to our mailing list when it becomes available.

What do I need to do replace signatures?

Make, model and serial number of the machine. Three original signatures from the new person on blank white unruled paper in blue or black ink. Voided samples of the check or checks you will be using. A sample imprint of the current signature, drawing an arrow on the paper showing the direction it was inserted into the mouth of the machine; this will show us the direction to mount the signature on the plate so the signature will be oriented the correct way. Please mail the materials to Widmer Time Recorder, 228 Park Street, Hackensack, NJ 07601. 


Do you ship internationally?

Yes, please contact us with your information, so he may quote you the proper charges for shipping.

Is freight included with my purchase?


How do you ship?

Widmer ships orders via UPS in the U.S.A., unless specified otherwise. Contact us for a quote for International shipments.


What types of ribbons are there?

There are three grades of ribbon material we offer:

A.) Nylon; our standard ribbon; a good overall ribbon with reasonable print clarity and product life.
B.) Cotton; long lasting ribbon life, but sometimes sacrifices a little impression clarity. Is more expensive than the nylon, but some customers feel it pays for itself in the long run.
C.) Silk: for a crisper imprint when clarity is important. Used for clear signatures and logos and where there is a lot of engraving on the die plates. A more expensive ribbon, but quite cost effective when stamping on legal documents and certificates when the impression needs to be clean with excellent clarity.

Each ribbon has approximately a two year shelf life. Search for “Ribbons” on the website, or contact Widmer for pricing.

What color ribbons are there?

Purple is our standard, and, under most circumstances, lasts the longest.
The other solid ribbons colors are all the same price as the standard purple.
The solid color are; Purple, Black, Blue, Green and Red.
Widmer also offers multi-color ribbons, offering higher security by inhibiting duplication.

The multi color ribbons are as follows:

Two color ribbons: Black/Red or Blue/Red
Three color ribbons: Red/Green/Purple
Four color ribbons: Black/Green/Red/Blue

Each ribbon has approximately a two year shelf life. Contact Widmer for pricing.

How long does a ribbon last?

The normal shelf life of a ribbon in its original, unopened package, lasts about 2 years.
Ribbon life can vary greatly depending upon four factors:

  1. How heavy the machine is used.
  2. How much die information the machine is printing.
  3. The color of the ribbon.
  4. The material of the ribbon.

In most office environments replacing the ribbon once or twice a year is sufficient to maintain impression clarity.

Can I have additional information with the time and date?

Yes, we can supply custom die plates which will imprint additional information with the time and date.

Why do I need and extension trigger?

Standard trigger set-up for most Widmer Models is 1 7/16” deep measured from the top of the document to the top of the time line. If the impression needs to be closer to the edge of the document, for example a quarter of an inch (1/4”) from the top, then an extension trigger is required.

Why do I need reverse print?

Standard machines print on the top edge of the document. If you need to print on the bottom edge of the document, a standard machine, will print upside down. Therefore reverse print is required for the imprint to read correctly on the bottom of the form.

On the N-3 numbering machine, can the number be repeated?

Yes. We can add a repeat switch or duplicate action feature.

The Repeat Switch: repeats the same number until switch is turned off. The machine then returns to consecutive numbering action.

Duplicate Action Feature: repeats a number twice and then moves on to the next number.( Sample # 12345, #12345, 12346, #12346 etc.) Please Note: Duplicate Action Features take the place of one of the number wheels. On a standard machine you will receive 5 number wheels, instead of 6.

What is the difference between a T-3 & T-LED-3?

The T-LED-3 has a digital clock face on the top front of the machine, and the T-3 does not.

What voltages are available?

The standard machines come with 110V/60HZ. Also available are 110V/50HZ, 220V/50HZ and 220V/50HZ at an additional fee.


If I need my machine repaired, is there someone close to me! Or do I ship my machine to the Widmer factory?

Contact Widmer for a dealer nearest to you.

For machines which need to be sent to our Service Department, customers must call and get an RA# (return authorization number). Please be prepared with the Make, Model, serial number of the unit and a brief description of the problem.

We need to order parts but not sure what they are?

Please contact us with Make, Model and Serial Numbers of the unit and a description of what you need.

What is your warranty?

Our normal factory warranty is 1 year on parts and labor on the machines which have been returned postage prepaid to the factory. Customers need a return authorization number before sending the machine. Warranty varies depending upon equipment and the manufacturer.

The warranty of other manufacturers’ products sold by Widmer varies by the manufacturer’s warranty. Please contact us if you need assistance.

Does Widmer have any self-help information for my equipment?

Widmer does have some basic self-help documentation.  Use of it is at your own risk, and may void any warranty on your equipment.  Widmer highly suggests contacting your local dealer for all of your service and support needs. Please contact us for a Return Authorization Number to have our Service Department help with your equipment.

Click Here To Access The Self Help Files