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  • Jantek Model FaceScan-50VP IR-Based Embedded Facial Recognition System

    FaceSCAN is a truly embedded facial recognition system designed for Time & Attendance, Access Control, and User Authentication applications. Complete system that includes both the software and hardware for up to 50 employees.  Powered by advanced video capturing, system design and Near-Infrared (NIR) facial recognition technologies, FaceSCAN provides superior accuracy and reliability over traditional facial recognition systems under different light conditions.
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  • Widmer WQR Mobile Time & Attendance Phone APP

    The Centor Model WQR Mobile Time and Attendance Cell phone app is a just announced product that will allow a company to keep track of employee hours worked without the need for your employees to touch a time card, RFID badge, key fob, finger print reader, etc. Each employee can access the system via their own personal cell phone and/or a company cell phone. This cell phone app is easy to install and operate, multiple site tracking, a standalone system that does not require the “cloud”, will operate when internet is down, transmits cards for payroll calculations, and utilizes GEO verified QR checkpoints that can be wall mounted or portable.